My name is Villoni Würfel and I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia.

I had the opportunity to design dresses with my mum, who also named her fashion line after me, Villoni.

However, being in the fashion industry where appearance is everything I destroyed my hair. 

Despite seeing my hairdresser for treatments and using countless hair products to repair it, nothing worked.

I discovered healthy hair starts at the scalp which led me to develop an all-natural product that worked!

I currently now reside in the USA and just published my first eBook, also available on Amazon Kindle, to help women to take better control of their hair and maintain image confidence.

And early 2022 I launched my Hair Growth Oil blend which I've personally used routinely for over 15 years that has given me consistent results!

My eBook is filled with years of practical know-how and workable technique to help women know what to do when they encounter a scalp or hair problem.

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