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Learn how to repair damaged and dry hair and resolve all of common scalp problems, and more!

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1. Learn to Maintain a ​Healthy Scalp

The secret to having healthy, shiny and lustrous hair is maintaining a healthy scalp. 

When it's too dry or too oily it causes a build-up of bacteria, fungus and impurities resulting in unhealthy scalp conditions. 

This has a direct impact on your hair's health and becomes weak, dull-looking and has difficulties growing new hair. 

Just like exfoliating your face your scalp needs the same care and attention! 

The book contains all the basic know-how to care for your scalp and hair. You'll learn all of the secrets tips on how to repair damage and dry hair!

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2. Learn How to ​Balance Your ​Naturals Oils

Your scalp naturally produces oil to lubricate and protect your scalp's skin and keeps your hair healthy. 

Sometimes it produces too much and causes a build-up of oil, dead skin cells, dirt, environmental pollution, styling hair products, bacteria, fungus and other impurities. 

This build-up can block your hair follicles and prevent natural hair growth which also causes frequent washes stripping your hair's natural oil. 

Or it becomes too dry giving you an itchy scalp with dry skin shedding. Therefore, balancing your scalp's natural oil is the ultimate goal! 

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3. Learn How to ​Wash Your Hair Correctly

Gorgeous hair starts in the shower!​ Learn how to wash your hair correctly each time to avoid  causing damage to your hair and stripping your natural oils! 

Correctly washing your hair is key to keep it healthy and prevent it from frequent washes. 

Frequent washes cause dry and damaged hair and increases hair shedding. ​Using the right shampoo and conditioner for your scalp and hair type is vital to maintain hydration and avoid drying out your hair. 

In the book, learn you’ll what type of shampoo and conditioner to purchase for your scalp and hair type, how to wash it to avoid losing too much hair in a single wash and so much more great tips! 

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​3. What You'll Learn ​& Table Contents

Chapter 1: Healthy Scalp 

Chapter 2:  Scalp Conditions 

Chapter 3: Deep Scalp Oil Treatment™ 

Chapter 4: Step-By-Step Guide for a Deep Scalp Oil Treatment™

Chapter 5: How to Treat Unhealthy Scalp Conditions 

Chapter 6: Hair 

Chapter 7: Types of Shampoo and Conditioner 

Chapter 8: How to Wash Your Hair 

Chapter 9: Wooden-Wide Tooth Comb 

Chapter 10: My Secret Tips & Routine for Shiny, Healthy and Lustrous Hair 


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