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1. ​It Stimulates ​Natural Hair Growth

This oil blend reduces hair loss by improving circulation that provides the hair follicles with nutrients and the oxygen they need to encourage hair growth and healthy hair. 

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2. ​Restores Intensive Hydration to Dull & ​Dry Hair

The powerful ingredients nourishes the hair, strengthens it and restores hydration. Every ingredient is hand-picked and combined in the exact ratio to give you the perfect dosage with every single use for a scalp treatment and instantly nourishes, moisturizes, and hydrates your hair, protecting it against breakage and damage. 

No added fragrances, preservatives, parabens, or sulfates. All 100% natural ingredients only. Each bottle is freshly mixed and packaged in amber glass to keep the integrity of its ingredients.

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3. ​Balances ​Oil Production

Your scalp produces an oil called, sebum and this oil blend helps regulate and re-balances your scalp's natural oil production to keep it nourished and hydrates your hair. 

The most effective way to keep a well-balanced sebum production and maintain a healthy scalp is to regularly massage it with a unique oil blend that's formulated for the scalp. 

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"For years I was searching for something for my hair and this is exactly what I was looking for! A product that's all-natural but strong. I've been using it for a month and can see my hair is getting better and much stronger. I noticed I am not losing as much hair! Smells great too!"

Scalp Treatment Oils: Choose the oil to help resolve your scalp condition!

How does an Itchy, Dry, Oily Scalp & Dandruff Cause Excessive Hair Shedding or Thinning?

All of these common scalp conditions can cause excessive hair shedding and thinning. Did you know using the wrong product and incorrectly washing your hair can cause these scalp problems?  We're here to help you resolve all of these scalp problems!

Our oil blends contain all-natural ingredients that are non-toxic with no added fragarance, perservatives, no parebens, or sulfates. Great care was taken to choose only the highest-quality ingredients that are
combined in the exact ratio to give you the perfect dosage with every single treatment. 

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