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    How Often Should I Treat My Scalp?

    Your goal is to reduce the amount of washes and maintain a healthy scalp. Your ideal washes should be at last one a week or every 5 days.

    It is recommend it to do a treatment once a week until you only wash your hair at least every 5 days.

    Once you hit that goal, you may then do the scalp treatment every 2 weeks to maintain a healthy scalp and to encourage new hair growth!

    What Type of Shampoo Do I Use?

    Only use the best shampoo and conditioner and avoid convenient products. You have to determine your hair type before you purchase any shampoo and conditioner.

    To learn more on what your hair type is read the ebook, "How to Have Shiny, Healthy and Lustrous Hair" which comes FREE with every Scalp and Hair Growth Oil.

    When do I do The Treatment?

    On wash day. Before you wash hair.

    How Do I Control My Oily Scalp?

    Comb your hair daily, day and night to distribute your natural oils to avoid build-up.


    I didn't understand how to care for my hair and now after reading the ebook I have confidence on how to properly take care it! I also didn't know I needed to care for my scalp! I dye my hair blond quite often and using this oil keeps it hydrated. I love the wooden comb too! Since using this oil my hair is looking shinier and bouncier without using any other products and I am not losing much hair as I used to and its been only a month of using it! Thank you!!

    Manuela, Dancer/Choreographer

    I’ve been using this oil now for a 2 months and noticed a huge difference in my hair! My scalp feels healthy and I noticed new hair is growing and I’m not losing as much when I wash it! Highly recommend getting this oil!


    I've used this oil blend for over 15 years when I destroyed my hair through excessive heat styling and hair due. This oil blend has given me consistent results! I only wash my hair once a week to avoid excessive hair shedding. It also keeps my hair naturally growing new hair keeps it healthy!

    Villoni, CEO

    I have suffered from itchy dry scalp for a while and have tried so many things. Finally I found these oils that have really shown to work really well for my scalp and hair, plus the fact that I’m following the advice given in the ebook “Your Crown to Confidence” has really helped me treat my hair the right way:)


    Her ebook is very educational! I liked how easy it was to read! Having fine hair my whole life, it was good to learn the difference between fine and thin hair and see the physical make up of it. I never knew finer hair has only two layers which helped me better understand my own hair. I also learned I’ve been using the wrong shampoo which has only contributed to the problem of my hair. I was missing the volume which I was desperately trying to achieve. Throughout the ebook she gives you tips that I never really knew would make a difference.

    Like, how to wash my hair and even dry it with a towel correctly. So even the simplest little things seems like there is nothing to learn, but they are really great tips on how to do it the right way! Overall, it was educational and helpful! I learn ways I can improve the look and feel of my finer hair, as well as the overall health. Will definitely start applying what I learned. Thank you!


    After reading this ebook I learnt to wash my hair properly! I didn’t know using the right temperature and washing it correctly would help avoid an oily scalp. I highly recommend reading the ebook! It’s filled with a lot of information I think women would appreciate! 😍


    I finished the ebook and wow! I’ve literally been doing everything wrong with my hair! The ebook is very simple, clear and concise. Clearly explained and easy to understand. I’ve already started applying the knowledge to my hair, got the correct shampoo and conditioner and it’s made a huge difference! ✨


    Honestly I never thought I’d have a hair loss problem but it turns out I just did. It was scary but my lovely friend Villoni gave me all the information I needed to correct and fix the problem through her ebook. I’ve never been more grateful and I have learnt so much from it! I have been applying the data and my hair stopped from falling! Thank you so much and please get her ebook ❤️🙏. You would love it!


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