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Hair Care Box

Hair Care Box

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You'll get a first-ever educational and easy to read book with step-by-step actions on how to correctly wash your hair without stripping your naturals oil, how to choose the right products for your scalp and hair type, how to resolve unhealthy scalp conditions, and so much more! It includes all of the essential items (wooden comb, most powerful hair growth oil & scalp massager) needed to begin your most powerful and effective scalp and hair care routine you'll ever need!

What Comes in Box?

• Your Crown to Confidence: How to Have Shiny, Healthy & Lustrous Hair Hard Copy Book


• Hair & Scalp, Hair Growth Oil
120ml / 4oz 


• Wooden Wide-Tooth Comb


• Scalp Massager


• eBook Download iOS FREE ebook! BONUS! 

How it Works

1. Read the book.

2. Do your first Deep Scalp Oil Treatment

3. Routinely apply what you've learned in the book!

Commonly Asked Questions

Is the book long or hard to read?

No. It’s written for a quick read and instant application. A glossary is included to define any words you many not understand. Use a good dictionary to define words not included in the glossary.

Does it teach me how to resolve an oily scalp?

Yes! This is the most common scalp condition, and it's answered in the book. Read and apply what you learn to get results!

Does it resolve dandruff?

Absolutely! Most of the common scalp conditions are answered in the book. Read and apply what you learned to get results!

My husband is going bald can this work for him?

We do not guarantee or claim to re-grow hair or reverse balding.

But starting a scalp and hair care routine early is beneficial long term!

Can this book help me prevent further hair loss?

We don't guarantee or claim hair re-growth.

One of the causes of deterioration is pure neglect and this book gives you the practical know-how to implement a scalp and hair care routine into your beauty routine. 

Your lifestyle, stress, and diet play a role in your hair health. This book provides practical knowledge to care for your scalp and hair.

Your consistent maintenance determines the outcome.

Does it help with an itchy and dry scalp?


It's recommended to read the entire book to get a full understanding on how to resolve common scalp conditions.


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Your hair speaks volume in your personal and professional and plays a role in presenting yourself and how the world perceives you!

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