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Wooden Wide-Tooth Comb

Wooden Wide-Tooth Comb

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Nourish Your Hair in Between Washes

A wooden wide-tooth comb is essential to use in between washes. It keeps your hair clean and nourished until your next wash. Combing your hair with a natural fiber such as wood promotes a healthy scalp and naturally moisturizes your hair. It's the best way to maintain your hair's health and shine without causing damage.

In the book you'll learn the many benefits of using a wooden wide-tooth comb.


Dry shampoo absorbs and strips your natural oils and causes unnecessary hair shedding.

Instead, use a wooden-wide tooth to distribute your natural oils from your scalp through to the ends of your hair.

An oily scalp causes a build-up and makes your head look flat and makes your hair dirty faster than any other scalp condition. Distributing your natural oils with a wooden comb avoids this dirt and oil-up and excessive washing.


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